Meet Daniel - Daniel graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in   Communication Studies and a minor in business. Daniel spent a number of years working on Bay Street as a   part of a very successful Private Wealth Management team focused on high net worth individuals. Daniel   has worked on a top real estate team in the country for the last 8 years. He added significant value and was   proud to offer his clients the best service in the business. With the RARE platform, he can now take this   service to a higher level. As an avid entrepreneur and real estate investor Daniel's approach is simple; stay   ahead of the curve and treat every transaction with integrity and as if it's his own.

  In this ever-changing industry he thinks outside the box to always give his clients the upper hand from a   technology and negotiating perspective. Daniel's past experiences include owning and managing   residential  rental properties, a residential landscaping business, and buying/selling several new   development   properties. He is experienced in managing property renovations having very strong   connections to the   trades; It is these past experiences and the collected wealth of knowledge that allows   Daniel to best serve   his clients. Daniel is co-owner of Bluffers Park Marina and an expert in the purchase   and sale of Float   Homes  in the GTA. In his spare time, Daniel loves to be on the water with his young   daughter. He enjoys a   healthy lifestyle, playing hockey and competing in triathlons.